Thursday, 26 May 2011

OUT AND ABOUT: Natalie Storm + Mario Evon + Tifa

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: Performing recently at the powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, New York, Mario Evon lent his awesome talent to the JAMPACT gala fundraiser, which was put on to raise much-needed funds for the Maxfield Park Children's Home Basic School.

LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR: Another talented entertainer demonstrating some altruism is Tifa, who lent some of her time to Digicel's Go Green Labour Day Project at the Spanish Town Primary School in St. Catherine. (Photo cred: Digicel)

WHERE MY GIRLS AT? Dancehall sweetie Natalie Storm (centre) and a pair of her good girlfriends got dolled up on Monday to support Chino's album launch and concert at the Devonshire, Devon House.

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