Monday, 30 May 2011

TALKING TREES Lit Fiesta: A delightful day on the south coast, where the arts and nature harmonized

STAGE PRESENCE: Sonia King read from her absorbing nonfiction work Jacket or Full Suit.

There’s just something amazingly special about Treasure Beach that lends outdoor cultural events a fascinating gloss, including but certainly not limited to the warm hospitality of the south coast, a breathtaking vista full of mountainside and glimpses of the sea, and a sublime, peaceful aura where man can become one with nature.

As a literary event, Calabash cashed in on the formula for ten years, and this year the Talking Trees Lit Fiesta (part of the Treasure Beach Bread Basket Festival) at the Two Seasons Guest House absolutely did not disappoint. For a first-time event, all the elements involved seemed to meld terrifically, resulting in a superb event that delivered spirited readings, insightful discussions and a compelling sense of fellowship complemented by spicy Jamaican fare and lovely booth displays.

Overall, the light and breezy atmosphere that enveloped the smooth proceedings got everyone in the mood for a fulfilling cultural high.

Publishing panel discussion: Getting your work out there

JUICY READS: Just some of the varied titles at the Bookophilia display.

TALL ORDER: Joan Andrea Hutchinson closed the event with a series of amusing anecdotes firmly rooted in the Jamaican culture.

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  1. Tyrone, thanks for the report and for your input in making Two Seasons Talking Trees a success.

    Warm regards

    Christine Marrett
    Proprietor, Two Seasons Guest House