Sunday, 22 May 2011

TRACKS & RECORDS: A statement in innovation, high-end appeal and warm service

Delivering on his promise to make a memorable foray into entrepreneurship, Usain Bolt’s newly opened (and cleverly named) Tracks & Records is a sophisticated, cozy and intimate enclave that captures the star athlete’s twin passions of sports-tainment and finger-licking Jamaican cuisine.

Although it’s still early days, the establishment, located smack in the heart of the Marketplace (off Constant Spring Road, St. Andrew), possesses an appealing charm, a great look (especially from the Digicel skybox that overlooks the entire place) and is staffed by a courteous, youthful team, which goes a long way to demonstrate that in delivering excellence it’s best that the physical and social co-exist harmoniously.

As for the food, the list of choices is endless, ranging in prices and sizes from tasty appetizers, refreshing sippers and cool energizers to the Big Food and Nyammins specials, featuring platters galore. Joining the modest mid-afternoon lunch crowd last Saturday, I opted for the Jamaican pork platter (savoury and mouth-wateringly delectable) presented with sizeable servings of yam and fried plantains, among other auxiliary delights.

It is some sort of wonderful when you can enjoy your meal in a soothingly ventilated ambience, this time surrounded by screens depicting an assortment of sporting matches and insistent, low-volume music emanating from the speakers, contributing to the whole chill vibe. Just one quibble: the dim, atmospheric lighting didn’t exactly allow me to catch up on my reading while eating; so instead I focussed entirely on the dish before me, savouring each succulent bite.

Ideal for lunch dates, nights-on-the-town with the homies or just to grab a drink, Tracks & Records combines everything one could desire in a next-level food-and-fun spot, offering a hip, ‘vibesy’ environment, thrilling menus and state-of-the-art gadgetry that makes for a thoroughly modern and dandy dining experience sure to satisfy regulars and sophisticates alike.(Tyrone's Verdict: A-)

THE BIG PICTURE: Dining at Tracks & Records, one is surrounded by sports on screens; (above) the view from the Digicel skybox.

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