Thursday, 23 June 2011

BUJU BANTON: 5 Essential Career Hits

RASTA GOT SOUL: Exploring Banton's impressive hits collection

Grammy-winning reggae veteran Buju Banton – whose life has been alternately characterized by professional triumph and controversy – was on Thursday sentenced to 10 years in prison on widely publicized drug-related charges. Banton, born Mark Myrie, is 37. Here, a look at his all-time greatest hits:

“Not An Easy Road”
The Gargamel waxes wise and philosophical on a track that packs muscle and influence with definite generational links. A gem.

Unhurried and haunting, the definitive hit from the reggae legend, steeped in his heart and mind concerns for, what else, this circus called life. This is music as a force of will.

“Untold Stories”
With sharp observations and biting social commentary, Banton the lyrical storyteller takes flight, armed with the unforgettable refrain “The full has never been told.”

“Til I’m Laid To Rest”
At his vocally grittiest, the superstar is one with the kette drum (and vibrant African chants) on this beloved hit off 1995’s Til Shiloh, musing on Ethiopia and the never-ending quest for knowledge.

“Wanna Be Loved”
Oozing a sensually low-key vibe as a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, Banton croons in typical baritone of his yearning for a “true love to comfort this heart of mine.” Now who can’t identify with that?

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