Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SOUND BYTES: Colin Channer on Vybz Kartel + Ne-Yo on Compound Island + Bambino on fatherhood

“Jamaican fathers have been stereotyped as never being around for their families, but I do think that's steadily changing now. Most fathers, like myself, are trying to be role models for their children, especially if their own fathers were not there for them.” Rising Stars judge Bambino to the Style Observer on life as a dad >>[Full article]

“Kartel has remixed the notion of what it means to be a dancehall star. He’s a pop artist in the sense of somebody like Madonna or Lady Gaga, who are aware of how transforming their image makes them attractive to different segments of the public.”

“Kartel is one of the best writers in any form to come out of Jamaica in the last 15 years. It’s just that he likes to write about nothing but sex and guns.”

“Many cultures have a trickster figure. The trickster finds a way to get something when there seems to be nothing.” – Jamaican novelist Colin Channer speaking to the New York Times on the brand that is Vybz Kartel >>[Full article]
“[Compound Island] is basically a partnership. I'm taking my recording company outside of the US, and Jamaica has an amazing wealth of musical talent, so I want to create opportunities to help them get into the US and international market. For now, we'll be operating out of America, but we'll definitely be setting up the business here in Jamaica shortly, and I'm really excited about that.” – Grammy winner Ne-Yo to the Style Observer on plans to aid Jamaican artistes >>[Full article]

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