Sunday, 24 July 2011

FASHION/STYLE POLICE: What the season's 'it' girls rocked at Reggae Sumfest

WHERE MY GIRLS AT? Celeb-watching is loads of fun, but style-watching is so much funner (to borrow a word from Elle Woods). Over the weekend at Catherine Hall, the ladies showed and proved their worth in fashion and style, mainly opting for quality over anything else. Here's a quick look at who really had 'it':

With her new braids (!) caressing the shoulders of her bling-ecrusted little deep-blue dress, Yendi Phillipps was having a blast when we ran into her in the media centre Friday night. So what's up with the Bo Derek braids? It's just what she's in the mood for, natch.

Meeting E-Prime's Debbie Bissoon for the first time was such a warm encounter. She's a total sweetie and quite the looker. She turned heads Friday night in this Grecian-goddess blue top, which suits her perfectly.

It was all-black everything for Paula-Ann Porter-Jones, who styled in hot booty shorts and matching sleeveless top for her emcee duties at Saturday's International Night II. Homegirl has legs for days.

Cherine was up to her bad-girl tricks Saturday night, and truly gave new meaning to the idea of mingling with your audience. While I remain undecided about the matty side-swept hair, I find her tight pants and magician-inspired top positively thrilling.

Taking in the performances on International Night I, dancehall vixen Ce'Cile had a radiant glow that set off her lustrous mane, hot jeans and a little cleavage. Hottie with a body!
What a doll! Barbee flaunted her tight curves at Catherine Hall in this figure-hugging piece that is nothing short of flattering. The hair is a bit too much, but if you got it...

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