Thursday, 7 July 2011

FIRST LOOK: OWEN JAMES working to establish new “business model”

KING JAMES VERSION: Veteran journalist makes new career move.

It’s indeed a season for change. Owen James, the esteemed Jamaican journalist whom television audiences have come to associate with such long-running local programmes as The Business Day and On A Personal Note, reveals that though his years delivering those series on Television Jamaica (TV J) was time well spent, that chapter of his professional life is over, and he’s now on a mission to execute a new long-term plan.

“I’ve decided to go with a different business model so that anything I do from henceforth I own it. Two of the programmes you saw on TV I introduced them, but I didn’t own them,” explained James, who runs the Jamaican company All Media Services Limited. “So it’s not an adversarial move. It’s really about establishing a different business model for my work.”

In the meantime, as we await word on James’ next feat, be sure to check out his website

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