Sunday, 3 July 2011

HOT NEW VIDEO: Tifa keeps it fly, fit and flashy in latest clip, ‘Get Flat’

HAT-TITUDE: Tifa is still the b-a-d-d-e-s-t.

With her previous high-energy club banger, “Move Your Body,” dancehall-pop sensation Tifa showed she is a performer with an appreciation for – and strong command of – enthusiastic dance choreography. Bringing some heat to summer music video playlists, the triple-threat entertainer is back to electrify fans with a fresh series of moves in “Get Flat,” her ferocious new dance-party smash.

What I liked: The video, which reunites Tifa with regular collaborator Dexter Pottinger, sparkles. Loaded with pinks, yellows, reds and other vibrant hues of the season, the clip demonstrates what happens when all the elements – super-cool costumes (love the masks!), a bangin’ hit (the aggressive beat is irresistible), an inspired setting (the Ward Theatre adds a classy touch) – combine to produce a terrific overall product.

Wait, was that…: Look out for surprise guest cameos from Aisha Davis, Fambo, Lady Rennae, and others.

Watch Tifa put in work in 'Get Flat':

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