Sunday, 17 July 2011

INDEPENDENT WOMAN: Author Marcia Forbes to address 2011 Independence Ball in ATL

BRIGHT IDEA: The researcher to speak in Atlanta next month.

Published author, researcher and media doyenne Dr. Marcia Forbes will be a special guest of the Atlanta Jamaica Association (AJA), who are hosting a series of activites in Georgia in celebration of Jamaica's 49th year as an independent country. Forbes, who will use the opportunity to introduce her book, Music, Media & Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica, to a wider international audience, says copies of the text will be available for sale at a book reading she’ll be giving on Wednesday, Aug 3, and again before the ball on August 6, the day of Jamaica’s Independence.

“As keynote speaker at the Independence Ball, I would be delighted to see a packed Convention Centre and to share with everyone present. The AJA has scheduled several media appearances for me between Friday 29th and August 6th,” says Forbes. “I look forward to sharing with the Atlanta Diaspora and invite your kind support by passing this message to everyone you know in Atlanta.”

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