Thursday, 28 July 2011

MOVIE MAGIC: Celebrating the release of Ghett'a Life at Carib Cinema, Kingston

GHETT'A GLORY: At Wednesday's world premiere of the local film Ghett'a Life, members of the artistic and social sets rubbed shoulders with industry luminaries and the film's well-dressed stars at the Carib Cinema. The 90-minute movie, years in the making, certainly left everyone singing the praises of the brilliant team responsible for bringing the astonishing project to life. TALLAWAH takes in the scene:

Ghett'a Life star Kevoy Burton (right) and Yuri Stewart, who appears in the upcoming Candy Shop.

Justine Henzell, one of the film's behind-the-scenes dynamos, and actor Chris McFarlane.

Singer Tanya Stephens (right), who performs the title track from the film, revelled with Dr. Carolyn Cooper.

Director Chris Browne shared a light moment with the movie's leading lady, Lisa Williams (left), and Jamaica's Film Commissioner, Kim-Marie Spence.

Rodney Campbell, Sherando Ferril and Winston Bell all scored parts in Ghett'a Life.

Browne raps with Sanjay of TV J's Intense after the viewing.

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