Monday, 25 July 2011

THE MUST LIST: What’s inspiring the TALLAWAH scribe this week

Sideways (2004)
A first-rate cast and an equally outstanding script elevate this light-hearted Oscar-winning comedy-drama into something magical and memorable. Paul Giamatti (as a failed novelist) and Thomas Haden Church (as his engaged pal) hit the road, heading to California wine country in search of respite – and encounter mischief and romantic entanglements. The lovely Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh co-star in this sublimely original and humorous film, directed by Alexander Payne.
Back To Black (2006)
Let me just state that, despite the unpleasantness that shadowed (threatening to eclipse) her great talent, the late soul-jazz diva Amy Winehouse (who passed away in London at age 27 over the weekend) will for years to come be remembered for her stirring tunes and the devastatingly good album, Back To Black, a classic by many standards. Here’s to Amy, may she finally find peace.

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