Thursday, 14 July 2011

ON THE VERGE: Singer-songwriter Stephanie mixes reggae spice with R&B flavour

CLASS ACT: Get to know the stylish young vocalist

Poised to break into the mainstream, rising songbird Stephanie is banking on her natural gift for song (new single “Got It Right Here” is a sample of her gorgeous talent) and deep desire for success to hit her stride. She speaks with TALLAWAH about inspiration, icons and legacy.

TALLAWAH: Where do you find inspiration for such beautiful, melodious tunes like “Got It Right Here”?
Stephanie: Inspiration usually comes from experiences and desires. When I wrote "Got It Right Here" I was searching for the man that was searching for me, and I channeled that desire in song.

TALLAWAH: How did your teen years prepare you for a career in the spotlight?
Stephanie: Well, I pursued music from a young age, and I even did the north-coast cabaret scene while preparing for CXC's. That experience, among others, opened my eyes to all the aspects of the music industry; performing full sets (as opposed to doing 1/2 songs), travelling back and forth from Kingston into Mobay, getting paid what I’m due, etc. It all set the stage for what I’m embarking on now.

TALLAWAH: Who are your icons and musical influences, and how have they helped to shape your sound?
Stephanie: My musical influences and icons span across various genres. Celine Dion, Donny Hathaway, Bob Marley, Diana King, Ella Fitzgerald, Beyonce, to name a few. These artistes have all made made a strong musical mark in the world, their sounds are distinctive and they have a strong vocal and musical identities. All these qualities I want to emulate.

TALLAWAH: Besides good music, name 3 things you simply cannot do without.
Stephanie: Family, stew peas and a good book.

TALLAWAH: Describe your approach to fashion and personal style.
Stephanie: My approach to fashion is always dependent on mood, not necessarily what's in. But definitely with an edge that will turn heads at the same time. So, for example, I'd go close-fitted tees and jeans on a normal day but throw in a small scarf and other accessories to make it look stylish. By the way, I collect scarves, so I have a wide variety of different scarves, and apart from on-stage and formal events I’m almost always [wearing] one. Overall, I would say my style is "subtly edgy," which kinda reflects my quiet confidence.

TALLAWAH: What is your long-term ambition?
Stephanie: My long term ambition is to leave an undeniable musical mark in the world. To sing songs that will stand the test of time, songs that are timeless.

Watch Stephanie get her groove on in 'Got It Right Here':

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