Thursday, 7 July 2011

PERSPECTIVES: PM Bruce Golding on justice in Jamaica + Mavado on getting back his US visa + Mutabaruka on the content and direction of reggae music

“It is generally accepted that our justice system is challenged by the lack of resources. The Justice Reform Programme that we are proceeding with is one that demands a considerable amount of resources and, therefore, we have had to proceed on the basis of implementing those aspects that can be accommodated within the resources and constraints that confront us. These are real realities that we face.” – PM Bruce Golding on challenges facing his government’s justice ministry, at Tuesday’s swearing-in of new cabinet ministers
****“I just want to send out some love, and let the people them know that mi deh yah again. And thanks to the American government for checking out everything and seeing that it’s just a bag of allegations. We ah yout’ and Jah love us certain way.” – Ace deejay Mavado speaking Monday on New York’s Hot 97 FM about the return of his American visa
"We want to internationalise the music so much, we cyaa talk say Black people ah suffer still in the Caribbean and Africa……..Is like we ah water down the thing to satisfy a different taste. And is like we no realise we can't free others if we don't free ourselves…..How much artiste ever take up him money and go Ghana and spend ah two week? Him gone ah Miami or New York, go smoke ganja with him friend or coke.” – Socio-political commentator and radio host Mutabaruka recently addressing the UWI Mona symposium 'Saluting Reggae Vanguards'
“Well, if Casey Anthony not guilty Dudus and Buju should be sent home tomorrow.” – Entertainer Mr. Vegas reacting on Twitter to the 'not guilty' verdict in the closely followed Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida

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