Sunday, 3 July 2011

RADAR: Mario Evon heads to the Apollo + Ryan Mark drops a new album + Wayne & Tami renew wedding vows?

COMING TO THE STAGE: You can’t be mad at Mario Evon’s hustle. The reggae-soul singer, who is on the hunt for his big break into the mainstream of the American recording industry, will hit the stage this week at New York’s legendary Apollo Theatre, competing on Amateurs’ Night (Wed. July 6) before one of the largest audiences in his life. Is he nervous? “To be honest, I don’t plan to get booed, but if it were to happen, I probably would find it hilarious and just relish in the moment of being there,” he recently wrote on his blog. “So many greats have been on that stage. This definitely means now is the right time for me to do this. I’m really excited."

LEAVING HIS ‘MARK’: Reggae-gospel’s Ryan Mark follows up his 2008 release Tabernacle with the just-released Israel, the artiste’s third album, which is certain to deliver his signature mixture of thought-provoking lyrics, spirit-lifting melodies, as well as messages of hope and empowerment.

GOING TO THE CHAPEL: The blogosphere may be abuzz with tittle-tattle surrounding Tami Chynn’s recent photographed appearance in a wedding dress with hubby Wayne Marshall beaming on her arm. Was the twosome renewing their marriage vows? That would be…false. The Mitchells were only playing dress-up on the set of a new music video for the Matrimoney Medley from producers Washroom Entertainment. As it happens, the video’s storyline is centred on a pair of lovers (Wayne and Tami) getting hitched in the company of relatives and friends, only to be surprised by, who else, the wedding crashers, played by Sean Paul and company.

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