Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SCENE: Constance White + Alaine + Chris Browne + Stephanie + PM Bruce Golding

GENTLEMEN'S CLUB: PM Bruce Golding (right) welcomes rookie minister Arthur Williams (Public Service) to the cabinet, while justice minister Delroy Chuck (2nd left) and finance minister Audley Shaw share the moment. Occasion was Tuesday's swearing-in of new government ministers at King's House.

SISTERS WITH VOICES: Looking fresh-faced and exuding radiance, songbirds Alaine (check the ear piece!) and Stephanie catch up at the Pegasus launch of Stephanie's debut video (for the mellow hit "Got It Right Here") last Tuesday. The hair game is on point, ladies.

RUMOUR HAS IT: Last weekend's sizzling Essence Music Festival in New Orleans drew a mammoth flock of locals and celebs, including TV breakout star Tika Sumpter (Gossip Girl), who shared some girl time with Jamaica's own Constance White (left), Editor in Chief at Essence.

RUN FOR 'LIFE': Ahead of their big world premiere later this month, stars of the buzzy film Ghett'a Life (Kadeem Wilson, Lee Williams, Kevoy Burton) and director Chris Browne (left) recently flexed their muscles in the Everybody Wins Challenge 5K Road Race at the Hope Botanical Gardens.

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