Tuesday, 16 August 2011

HOME GROWN: Checking in with fashion designer and reality TV star Shenna Carby

ON MY OWN: Carby pushes ahead.

Since emerging winner of the inaugural season of the local fashion reality TV series Mission Catwalk, Shenna Carby has been toiling diligently to find her place among the fresh wave of up-and-coming Jamaican design stars, even as she works to fully take the lead in her own life and morph into a more successful version of her fabulous 27-year-old self. TALLAWAH hears about her aim to rise above challenges, finding the ideal man, and why she's an unabashed nature lover.

TALLAWAH: How have you been adjusting to life as famous face in the wake of your success on Mission Catwalk?
Carby: “It’s been good; I’m enjoying it so far. The feedback I still get from people has been encouraging. They like that I keep it real, so many of them tell me not to change.”

TALLAWAH: Now you’ve embarked on a mission to establish your very own Shenna Carby Designs as a label of substance and edgy style. How has it been meeting the daily challenges?
Carby: “Well, it’s kinda hectic right now because of the demands. So I’m searching for help; I’m looking for a good seamstress. With me alone, it’s been growing so things should get even better within a month when I find someone.”

TALLAWAH: What’s inspiring you in fashion right now?
Carby: “For me, it’s fashion on a whole. I just love clothes. But for the summer, you get orders for mostly skimpy outfits for beach parties. And they don’t want their outfits to look like anybody else. Everyone wants to stand out.”

TALLAWAH: Describe your ideal Mr. Right.
Carby: “He has to be someone who can relate to me and my experiences. He has to be able to adjust to the lifestyle, be trustworthy, honest and down-to-earth. And says what’s on his mind.”

TALLAWAH: That sounds a lot like you.
Carby: “Yes. Someone like me.” (Laughs)

TALLAWAH: How lucky have you been in finding someone like you? Are you still single?
Carby: “No. I’m not single.”

TALLAWAH: You’re trapped on a deserted island. Name three things that would help you survive the boredom.
Carby: “The sea, the sunset, nature. I love how calming and soothing nature is. I like the ocean and rainforests. I also love soul music, and I like books that tell about other people’s growth and achievements and experiences. I enjoy learning about other people’s road to success.”

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