Thursday, 25 August 2011

KINDRED SPIRIT: Wonder woman Terri-Karelle Reid has our full attention

DOUBLE TAKE: Terri cuts a stunning figure in a Shenna Carby design.

She’s smart, spirited and obviously sexy, but Terri-Karelle Reid is also a roll-up-the-sleeves kind of workaholic. With two major projects out now – hosting the new season of Rising Stars and spearheading this month’s Miss Jamaica World coronation – coupled with home life responsibilities and a raft of other personal commitments, we can’t help but wonder: how does she do it? Months away from turning 30, the soulful beauty gets candid about setting priorities, the thrill of the Rising Stars experience, her next chapter, and how she really feels about growing older.

TALLAWAH: With such a demanding schedule, how has it been establishing a point of equilibrium between your responsibilities with Digicel Rising Stars and the upcoming Miss Jamaica World pageant and your many other commitments?
Terri: Sometimes I have to scratch my head (Laughs). What I do is try to keep everything in its place. I try not to overwork or overcommit myself. I respect all the projects that I am a part of, and so I try to give each the appropriate amount of attention and complete the tasks within the proper time frame. It’s all about setting priorities and organizing.

TALLAWAH: In what ways has hosting Rising Stars, in particular, made you more excited and appreciative of life in general?
Terri: I think what makes me most excited was that working in the media was never something I had ever done before or was trained to do. So to be given this massive platform is a big deal for me. To be part of what is possibly the most-watched talent show in Jamaica is just incredible. I love what [Rising Stars] represents and the tradition of finding talent across the island and giving young people “a buss”. I love that.

TALLAWAH: Speaking of youngsters, you must be thrilled to have such a great crop of girls vying for the Miss Jamaica World coronation this year?
Terri: It’s been great, and the feedback so far has been positive. What people really like is that these girls represent the different colours and backgrounds of Jamaica, with great personalities. It’s really nice to have a group of such talented, beautiful and articulate young ladies, which is what the Miss Jamaica World pageant is about.

TALLAWAH: Personally, how do you feel about age and the inescapable reality of growing older?
Terri: I have no hang-ups about the age issue. People ask me all the time and I tell them. I believe that how you face life ultimately determines how you look on the outside. And I think that, as women, that is something we should consider.

TALLAWAH: Having already achieved so much coupled with a full plate of activities now vying for your focus, what’s really left for you to accomplish?
Terri: I think the sky’s the limit. As much as I like structure, I am not a very structured person (Laughs). I like to make things happen at their own pace. I am not the type of person who says ‘This is exactly what I’ll be doing in five years.’ I leave my opportunities open and let the future decide what I take on next.

TALLAWAH: What, if anything, are you hoping to avoid in the next chapter of your life?
Terri: The things I avoid now are the same things I’ll avoid in the future. I try very hard not to make any decisions that would affect me or my family in any negative way. So I keep away from people who are not like-minded so as not to hurt anyone I love dearly.

TALLAWAH: You possess incredible confidence and radiant warmth, which collectively suggest that you’d make a terrific actress. Have you ever given thought to trying your hand at acting?
Terri: Everybody from here to China has asked me that question (Laughs). But the truth is, as much as I do love drama and theatrics, acting is not something I would look into as a career option. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

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  1. Sooo love her...she"s a genius...intelligent,poised and well co-ordinated individual!! Blessing to you Terri