Thursday, 25 August 2011

‘NIGHT’ TO REMEMBER: Are you ready for Theatre’s Night Out?

GIRL POWER: The principal cast of Hairpeace.

Surely, many are keenly anticipating next month’s incarnation of Fashion’s Night Out, but there are those in local theatre who are planning an extravaganza of their own – though on a much smaller scale. Sankofa Productions, led by its tireless head honcho Fabian Thomas, is urging members of the artistic community and the wider Jamaica to come out in their numbers to the Pantry Playhouse on Monday, August 29, for….*drumroll*…. Theatre’s Night Out!

The first-time event will feature a special 8:00pm performance of the currently-running work Hairpeace, starring a distaff cast led by Noelle Kerr. Per a statement from Sankofa, the inaugural Theatre’s Night Out is principally “for theatre practitioners who are in a show, who want to hang out with other theatre peeps or folks who want something to do on a Monday night.” Truly a novel idea that I hope, with time, develops into something grand.

Special Ticket Prices: $800 regular & $500 for students with valid ID. Tickets and info: 492-9020.

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