Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OVERHEARD: Motherhood calls, Delcita answers [&] Divorce papers for the Davises

CHANGE OF PACE: Is Delcita turning her back on theatre? Not quite. Andrea Wright, the lovely comedic actress who has for the past several years been thrilling audiences everywhere as the rambunctious character in plays like Over Mi Dead Body and The Plumber, says she is taking an indefinite hiatus from the stage. Motherhood calls. “I need to spend some time with my daughter,” Wright has said. Of course, family remains paramount, but Delcita is invited to make a surprise return (in her mismatched polka dots) anytime.
In News You May Care About: Mr. Moses Davis and Mrs. Michelle Downer-Davis are now on another divorce. When asked for his thoughts, young Marco Dean allegedly replied, “I don’t care. I just want a bigger allowance – and Justin Bieber tickets.”

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