Monday, 15 August 2011

PLAY ON: Bookophilia to introduce first-ever Theatre Night with Fallen Angel

PIECE OF THE PAST: In April, Issa presented a copy of 3 Jamaican Plays to a rep from the National Library. Sharing the moment: Eugene Williams, Honor Ford-Smith (centre) and Carol Lawes.

Lit and theatre lovers are heading to Bookophilia this Friday to mingle and be entertained at the inaugural 'Theatre Night at Bookophilia,' where a theatrical re-enactment of scenes from Fallen Angel and the Devil Concubine from the anthology 3 Jamaican Plays, produced by Paul Issa Publications, will be featured. In April, a special launch of the book was hosted at the Edna Manley College's Dennis Scott Theatre. Ginger Knight's Whiplash and Stafford Ashani's Masqueraders are the other two works in the book.

It's Caribbean Books Month at Bookophilia and, according to the store's management, Theatre Night marks the first in a series of events that will highlight the depth and dynamic nature of our culture, while promising to transport the audience back to post-colonial Jamaica to revive the enigmatic characters Katie and Lettie, to be played by Nadean Rawlins and Hilary Nicholson.

Penned by by Patricia Cumper, Honor Ford-Smith, Carol Lawes, Hertencer Lindsay and Eugene Williams, Fallen Angel is a long-time favourite for many theatre lovers and tells the story of two homeless women - one Black and the other white - who battle for control of a dilapidated colonial mansion that they both call home. As each woman attempts to persuade the other that the house belongs to them, they weave tales of belonging based on old colonial narratives of the good servant and good master. The play also addresses issues concerning gender and colonial stereotypes.

Save the date: Friday, August 19. 6:30pm. Bookophilia, Hope Road.

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