Tuesday, 2 August 2011

REEL LIFE: The innercity offers a compelling treasure trove of ideas for Chris Browne

IN THE FRAME: Browne and actor O'Daine Clarke at Wednesday's Ghett'a Life premiere at Carib Cinema.

Very much like the true visionary always keeping a sharp eye and ear out for the next big project, filmmaker Chris Browne is already at work on ideas for a follow-up, make that follow-ups, to Ghett’a Life, his gritty dramatic thriller, which is currently on screens in local cinemas. In an exclusive interview at the film’s world premiere in Kingston last Wednesday, Browne revealed that while has a couple of other written scripts in the bag, he has also been brainstorming for fresh ones.

“I have two other ideas I’m working on. One is about three old men from the innercity, who are retirees, pensioners, who can’t make ends meet,” he explains. “And the older they get the worse their situation gets. So they rob the government bank, and with the money they get their financial worries are over. But their troubles don’t end because they can’t spend it.”

The mere mention of the word innercity in his synopsis is enough to draw the mind to his current and previous (Third World Cop) films, which are predominantly set in the Kingston ghettoes. It’s a common thread that isn’t lost on Browne, who readily observes that the Jamaican innercity serves as a compelling playground for the type of stories he is interested in capturing through his lens.

“I find that there is a lot of hardship there, and a lot of Jamaicans come from the country and that’s where they end up after trying to make ends meet, and then they try to get out of there,” says Browne. “But it doesn’t really matter where you set the story; it’s more about the people.”

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