Sunday, 21 August 2011

THEATRE MOMENT: Fallen Angel at Bookophilia's first-ever Theatre Night

Featured performance: Award-winning actresses Nadean Rawlins and Hilary Nicholson (seated) drew on their signature blend of conviction and thrilling performance wit to breathe life into the two bickering women who populate the two-hander play Fallen Angel and Di Devil Concubine for a dramatic scene reading last Friday at Bookophilia's inaugural Theatre Night. Using only the inflections of their voices, facial expressions and occasional body movement, the ladies skilfully created the illusion of a grand staged affair. Simply superb, they were greeted with resounding applause.

Who we spotted: Hosted by store manager Ruth Chisholm, the artfully chill event pulled a modest crowd, including theatre's Brian Heap, Paul Issa and Eugene Williams and Royal Palm Estate's Beth Hyde.

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