Tuesday, 30 August 2011

USAIN BOLT’S HEARTBREAK: ‘No tears from me’

MEA CULPA: Bolt reacts to his false-start disqualification.

With Jamaica (and the world, for that matter) in the happy grip of athletics mania, the disappointment surrounding Usain Bolt’s false start-induced ejection from The Big Race on Sunday morning is certainly understandable.

But it achieves nothing to cry over spilt milk – unless the IAAF officials now intend to do something about that asinine false-start rule. Like revert to the old one, which I much prefer as do so many of the athletes, the very people whose dreams and careers these rules can shatter within a blink.

Meanwhile, the track superstar and World’s Fastest Man may be heartbroken over his failure to repeat his gold-medal-winning performance in the 100 M finals due to the disqualification, but if the shattering turn of events is taking a toll on his psyche, he is concealing it will.

Asked if he was going to shed any tears over his lapse of judgement in the 100 M finals, the 25-year-old Bolt, who turns his attention to Friday’s 200 M heats, said there is no chance of that happening. According to Sporting Alert, he replied: “Looking for tears? Not going to happen. I’m OK.”

Given the circumstances, it’s just like Bolt to project an image of characteristic optimism. And rightly so.

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