Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Miss Kitty lashes out at media’s obsession with “stick-thin figures”

LARGE & LOVELY: Representing for the big girls (Photo: Buzzz)

Popular radio star Miss Kitty has always been outspoken on issues that hit close to home, but never is she more vocally passionate than when airing her concerns over the shabby treatment of plus-sized women like her, whom she believes have been largely ignored by mainstream media and culture for far too long in favour of skinny size twos. And she’s had enough. The fluffy queenpin makes ample use of the platform of the latest issue of Buzzz Magazine to voice her concerns.

She tells the magazine, “Society is sometimes a bully: it tells you what to do, what to wear, what to eat, how to look and how to feel. It often relegates certain people, pushing them further into caves where they’re not visible, and stifles their voice.”

Taking it a step further, the 29-year-old radio personality argues that what many fail to realize is the fact that not every woman harbours a secret desire to look like Chanel Iman or Kate Moss. “We have gotten so comfortable seeing stick-thin figures dominating our media that young girls starve to emulate models on a runway and undergo immense pressure to remain a size two,” she says. “Realistically, not every woman can or wants to be that thin. There are some powerful, exuberant women who appreciate being plus-sized; they are successful in their careers and are living extraordinary lives.”

Do you agree with Miss Kitty?

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  1. right on!!...coming from a stick thin girl btw :)