Wednesday, 14 September 2011

LUST & POWER: Konshens “gives it to them different” on sex-charged new mixtape

IN THE FLESH: The star drops a scorching new mixtape.

Konshens has gone to great lengths to please his core female fanbase with his hard-hitting new mixtape dubbed the Sextape, an energetic set dripping with lust and sweat and steeped in escapades not exclusively confined to the bedroom but also the club dance-floor, where sexual liberation has been a topic of musical discourse ever since Usher’s “Love In This Club” blazed the airwaves back in ’08.

Hosted by the Kingston All-Stars, the mixtape allows the ace deejay to interact, so to speak, with his women listeners. And most of these 35 tracks (some as brisk as a minute-and- a-half) are sure to leave the girls blushing. From praising her impeccable fashion sense to promising a night of heated passion to extolling her uniquely sexy hip movements, Konshens seems to have all the bases covered to woo his woman. As for the musical influences here, it’s a channel-surfing of genres, including R&B, dancehall, soca and pop.

There is no shortage of ego and swag either, as on tracks like “Bedroom General,” he brags of having “the remedy fi take care of all gal.” Then there is the hypnotic opening cut that samples the production of Kelly Rowland’s smash hit “Motivation,” where Konshens makes the public service announcement: “The women seh them tired of the boring man them, so fi hol’ them yuh haffi put it pon them.” It’s arguably this sort of attention to detail and sensitivity in his lyrics that have made Konshens such a hit with fans everywhere.

Additional highlights include the techno-dance pop number “Dance With Girls”; the catchy “Go With The Flow,” popular for its use in ad spots for the cable company; “Hooked On You,” an easy favourite worth repeated plays; and “No Money,” in which Konshens calls out the trifling gold-diggers.

Overall, the Sextape finds Konshens daring and at his wittiest, spitting lyrics drenched in bravado, confidence and sometimes humour. Occasionally raunchy, yes (as expected), but always in good-enough taste. If sex does sell, as they say, then Konshens’ Sextape (serving as a teaser for his upcoming Mental Maintenance studio release) is certainly a hot commodity. Tyrone’s Verdict: B+

EURO TOUR: Watch Konshens and his band in riveting action in Germany:

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