Sunday, 11 September 2011

TV WATCH: Is Rising Stars’ Conroy Wilson the second coming of Anthony Miller?

TOP TWO: Wilson and fellow judge Tessanne Chin.

For his forthright and unsweetened critiques of the contestants on the new season of Rising Stars, freshly recruited permanent judge Conroy Wilson is already the subject of comparisons with the notoriously acerbic Anthony Miller, who drew the admiration and ire of viewers of the TV talent show when he himself served as a judge up to last season.

But Wilson is quick to emphasize that they each have their own distinctive styles in assessing performances on the talent show. “We are two unique individuals, and we each bring something to the table,” Wilson recently told Intense. “But I am coming from a strong performing arts background, and so my main goal is to empower the contestants.”

Was ‘Killer Miller’ too tough on the stardom hopefuls? “I didn’t watch every episode [when he was a judge], but I’d say yes there were times I felt he was a bit too harsh in his comments. People say I’m too harsh, too, but I really want to empower [these contestants],” said Wilson, who now joins Bambino and Tessanne Chin on the panel. “The judges are a critical part of the show, and I think that this season, we are seeing that more than ever.”

And Wilson does have his picks for which contestants should emerge as this year’s Rising Stars top two. “Latty J and Tash. So far, with those two, the competition boils down to them.”

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