Monday, 3 October 2011

THE ART OF IT: Roktowa partners with Global Arts Initiative to engender local programmes

Buoyed by their mission to collaborate with established national and international organizations and create cultural exchanges and co-productions utilizing U.S. mentors and local artists, the Global Arts Initiative (GAIN) will this month be joining forces with Jamaica’s very own Roktowa arts foundation to develop and promote a series of innovative art-based projects in downtown Kingston. GAIN’s visiting party will be in the island from this Thursday, Oct. 6 through Monday, Oct. 10.

The touring party will include (pictured, at left) Patricia R. Klausner (co-founder, GAIN), Claire Livingstone (co-founder, GAIN), Las Vegas-based writer/producer Joey Doucette and artist Colin Miles Campbell, a Brooklyn native.

The New York-based GAIN, which annually offers scholarships for overseas study, will present their vision for the development of fine art initiatives in the island, starting with the capital.

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