Wednesday, 26 October 2011

CELEBS ON THE SCENE: PM Andrew Holness + Usain Bolt + Danielle Crosskill + Cherine + Yendi

SUITED FOR THE PART: Newly installed Prime Minister Andrew Holness exudes great confidence, sartorial smarts and a tinge of first-day-on-the-job glee, seated behind his desk at Jamaica House. A commander-in-chief with youthful appeal and a sense of style.

THREE'S COMPANY: Sprint star Usain Bolt put his hosting skills to the test on the weekend at his eponymous eatery Tracks & Records, where he met uber-fans Carol and James Williams (from the Turks & Caicos). Williams was among four regional winners of a Digicel online top-up competition whose prize package included the chance to meet and dine with the World's Fastest Man, along with a guest of their choice.

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Gorgeous even in black, Miss Jamaica Danielle Crosskill (left) bonds with fellow Miss World 2011 contestants Miss Netherlands (centre) and Miss Cayman over in London, where the grand coronation is set to unfold before a global audience of millions on Sunday, Nov. 6.

LIFE LESSONS: Cherine (yes, that's her at centre) is taking us back to school -- and her acting roots -- with her brand new video for "How We Living," recently shot in Kingston. In this still image from the upcoming clip, the multi-gifted entertainer seems to portray a young girl hanging out with a schoolmate. Knowing Cherine, the finished product is bound to dually challenge and inspire us.

BEING INSTRUMENTAL: Is Yendi Phillipps looking to switch careers from modelling and television to music and rocking out on stage? Perhaps not. But the Island Stylee host was recently spotted honing her guitar skills -- while looking fierce in a light tee, jeans and designer shades. Play it again, Yendi.

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