Wednesday, 12 October 2011

CULTURE PICKS: What’s hot on TALLAWAH’s culture radar this week

Troy (2004)
Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Greek mythology gets the extravagant cinematic treatment with this masterful and visually stunning epic that vividly examines the antagonistic relations between Greece and Troy, which reaches catastrophic proportions in the wake of a revelatory affair between Sparta’s Helen (played with a delicate touch by Diane Kreuger) and Paris (Orlando Bloom), the casanovan Trojan prince. Yet the most riveting character here is the “gifted killer” Achilles, memorably portrayed by Brad Pitt with all petulance and muscular brawn. Spectacular and sprawling as it is engrossing and entertaining, Troy is a starry affair not easily forgotten.

Trey Songz’ “Top of the World”

Hailed by the likes of R. Kelly as the heir to the R&B throne, Trey Songz has rightfully earned a rep for delivering sexed-up sizzlers (“Neighbours Know My Name”) and the occasional club banger (“Bottoms Up”). But the smooth-voiced crooner (and part-time, ahem, rapper) every now and again gives voice to significant themes like dignity, class and standard of living as he does compellingly on “Top of the World,” the compassionate, melodious first single off his upcoming mixtape Anticipation II, out Nov. 1. Good to know that R&B’s future king prides versatility among the characteristics of his musical arsenal.

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