Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A DATE WITH DESTINY: Holness to be sworn in as PM on Sunday

CHANGING OF THE GUARD: Holness (right) will officially replace Golding as PM on Sunday.

By the evening of October 23, Jamaica will have a new Prime Minister - the country's ninth since Independence. The transition of leadership of the government will be completed on Sunday when outgoing Prime Minister Bruce Golding formally tenders his resignation to the Governor-General and Andrew Holness, currently the education minister, is sworn in as his successor.

The changing of the guard will take place at a special ceremony at King’s House on Sunday starting at 4.00 p.m.

On Monday, Golding presided over his final Cabinet meeting., and according to a release from his office, he used the occasion to thank his ministers for their support and hard work under his leadership. While noting that the government had overcome significant challenges over the last four years, emphasized that much remains to be done to accelerate the pace of economic recovery in order to be able to tackle the country’s urgent social needs.

Golding noted, too, that while some elements of the present government’s reform agenda had been completed, other important items are yet to be implemented. These, he said, were at an advanced stage of preparation and urged his colleagues to complete the process as a matter of urgency.

Following the adjournment of Cabinet, Golding convened a meeting of government MPs and received their unanimous formal endorsement of the Hon. Andrew Holness to succeed him as Prime Minister. Golding will convey this advice to the Governor-General and officially tender his resignation on Sunday afternoon shortly before the ceremony at King’s House.

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