Monday, 3 October 2011

HER OWN CREATION: Laura Facey looks to “implements as inspiration” for upcoming show

MASTER TOUCH: Facey at work on a new wood carving.

“It’s a small series of new works, mainly wood carvings,” says Laura Facey of her forthcoming exhibit scheduled to open December 4 at her idyllic farm at Mount Plenty in St. Ann. The consummate artist, known for her equally shocking and awe-inspiring creations, reveals that while she completely enjoys working in bronze (her masterful Redemption Song is a perfect example), these days in St. Ann her focus is predominantly on nature’s bounty.

“I have been working in wood for quite some time, but I am doing so more actively now because it’s directly available from the farm I am living on,” the artist reveals, noting that bronze is not available to local artists on a grand scale as one would like.

Pertaining to the upcoming December show, Facey declines to divulge details, remaining optimistic instead that viewers who make the trek to the garden parish later this year will be wonderfully surprised and awed. “There is a theme to this new series, but I am hesitant to say too much now,” she admits. “But basically I am continuing to explore forms in the same direction as the Plumb Point piece from the Biennial exhibit at the National Gallery. Part of the focus is on using implements as a springboard for inspiration.”

The show will be curated by Roktowa’s Melinda Brown, who contributed the pair of exclusive images.

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