Sunday, 30 October 2011

HOME GIRL: Danielle Crosskill riffs on national pride and plans for her future

PURPLE TOUCH: “I hope to do nothing but my best for my country,” says Crosskill (left), pictured with Miss Cayman in London.

Gorgeous, smart and very grown-up, Danielle Crosskill has a lot going for her. The 25-year-old Jamaican stunner is currently in London participating in the 2011 Miss World series of events, and has so far notched a gold medal as a member of the winning team in the Sports Final. But in addition to her physical beauty and natural athleticism, Crosskill is in possession of a fierce intelligence, which was splashed all over her recent interview with Times of Beauty, where she spoke about being a national representative – and where she sees herself a decade from now.

Made in JA:
“Being Jamaican means the world to me. I am extremely proud to be part of a nation that has such a strong history and culture and one that has achieved a tremendous amount globally. I am honoured to have been given the amazing opportunity to represent my country at the Miss World Finals in London, and I am looking forward to sharing everything Jamaican with everyone on this wonderful journey. I hope to do nothing but my best for my countrymen and women.

The road not yet travelled:
“[There are] a number of goals I want to achieve within the next 10 years. These include starting a family of my own, being influential in the expansion of my family’s business, hosting several of my own art exhibitions and, lastly, owning and operating my own learning institution.”

“I most admire Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt because he is a national inspiration and a patriotic Jamaican who has come from very humble beginnings but is a living example that ambition, hard work and dedication does pay off.” — Crosskill on which living Jamaican she most admires

Watch Crosskill vie for the title of Miss World 2011 next Sunday, Nov. 6.

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