Sunday, 23 October 2011

INDEPENDENT ‘VOYCES’: With second staging, local literary fair becomes two-day event

THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Art and nature collide annually in Robin's Bay.

Set to unfold against a breathtaking backdrop of beautiful cliffs and sea, the Independent VoYces literary fair is back to delight local arts lovers, but with an added bonus: the 2011 event will take place over the course of two days. Saturday, Nov. 5 has been set aside for workshops to be held at St. Andrew’s Bookophilia by the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (Jamcopy) and Independent VoYces Literary Works – from 10:00am to noon. Later that evening, all roads lead to Strawberry Fields Together in Robin’s Bay, St. Mary for a pulsating Drum Lyme in conjunction with Jamaica Drums 4 Peace.

The main event, the literary fair, will take place on Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm also at Strawberry Fields Together, featuring a select group of new and recognized authors who will share the stage with featured poets, dub poets, and the Bongani Drummers.

This year’s lineup of readers includes event founder Judith Falloon-Reid, who will be sharing passages from her new novel, Here’s a Hundred Dollars…Buy Yourself a Life!; Beverley East, whose novel Reaper of Souls tells the tale of the 1957 Kendal Train Crash; new author Dr. Jacqueline Chambers with 1,2,3 Stress Free!, and Veronica Carnegie, who will share stories from her new book, Dear Pastor.

Among the day’s other highlights-in-waiting: the presentation of the Independent VoYces Award to the Gleaner’s Janet Silvera and a special Lifetime Achievement Award to internationally acclaimed dub poet Malachi Smith. For more info:

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