Monday, 3 October 2011

NEW MUSIC Review: Three heatseekers to add to your playlist this week

Kelly Clarkson
“Mr. Know-It-All”

It’s always been totally exhilarating how pop star Kelly Clarkson melds her confessional songwriting with a burst of exuberance which she’s brought to past chart smashes like “Since U Been Gone.” New single “Mr. Know-It All,” a fierce kiss-off to the singer’s speculators and mean tabloid gossip, re-awakens this tried-and-true formula. A danceable gem. B+

Alaine and Chris Martin
“Still In Love”

Chris Martin’s new duet with songbird Alaine may be the perfect foil for his other of-late and attention-worthy release “Cheater’s Prayer,” which has drawn its own share of love and disapproval since it hit the streets. “Still in Love,” however, should find favour across the board perhaps largely because it speaks to the lover inside of everyone. Pleasing in its lyrical simplicity with more than a dollop of sincerity, the single is all sentiment – but melodiously so. B

Bruno Mars
“It Will Rain”

The man behind “Grenade” and “Talking To The Moon” is quickly forging a rep as pop’s new prince of heartache. On the compelling, emotionally resonant “It Will Rain” (the lead single off the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack) Mars conveys an ocean of raw feeling on what could pass as a song seeking status as a new breakup anthem. But, if nothing else, it’s an arresting vocal performance sheathed in pure magical realism. A-

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