Monday, 3 October 2011

ON THE ROYAL TIP: Bolt hangs out with Hollywood queens + Emprezz and Steven make it regally official

MAKE ME A SANDWICH: Well, looka here. Sprint king Usain Bolt's recent voyage to Los Angeles, the opulent realm of Tinseltown's rich and famous, included a visit to the celeb haunt Mr. Chow, where, after dinner, he shared lens time with screen goddesses Heidi Klum (left) and Sandra Bullock. Now, this is what I call life on the A-list!

REGAL NUPTIALS: One cannot help but draw comparisons to Jah Cure and Kamilla's 'royal wedding' this past August. But Steven Golding and Emprezz Mullings did bring a distinctive flair to their own I Do ceremony at the UWI Mona chapel last Sunday, exchanging vows before a packed chapel of relatives, dignitaries and well-wishers, before setting out for Vale Royal (the prime minister's residence), which hosted the reception.

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