Monday, 3 October 2011

TV WATCH: What will become of Kingston House?

SUMMER DAZE: Chin (right), and actors Kevoy Burton and Conray Richards.

Earlier this year when news broke that a spirited and groundbreaking teen drama series was headed to local television, anticipation was instant. But now, the future of Kingston House, which was initially given a September date for its TV J premiere, is up in the air on account of financial woes. “We have not been able to get the show off the ground, as we are still on the investment phase and seeking sponsorship,” reveals Kyle Chin, who is the director attached to the project. “So because of that it’s been ongoing calendar changes. We want to get going because we know there is an audience for it, but funding is what’s holding it up at the moment.”

Pitched as a Jamaican television series, starring a crop of emerging young local actors, Kingston House relates the story of four teenage cousins (Kira, Damian, Egypt and Justin) growing up in the unsteady environment of Kingston. The show, filmed on location in the city and in Runaway Bay earlier this year, charts the teens’ journey as they struggle to follow their dreams, embark on new beginnings, and push boundaries among themselves, their parents and their peers. With writing by Sabrina Marshall, the show’s cast includes, among several others, Kevoy Burton, Kadeem Wilson and Lisa Williams, the breakout stars of summer’s cineplex hit Ghett’a Life.

Says Chin, “It’s primarily for teen audiences, but we are hoping that the whole family can enjoy it.”

PREVIEW: Take a look at the Kingston House trailer:

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