Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WHAT GOLDING GOT RIGHT: Growth in the economy, argues Daryl Vaz

FOREIGN EXCHANGE: (Jan. 2010). Golding, Vaz and Ken Baugh, with Hilary Clinton.

Jamaica's Information minister, Daryl Vaz, says outgoing Prime Minister, Bruce Golding’s greatest achievement is the economic growth that Jamaica has achieved under his leadership despite the global economic challenges.

“There are several things that have been done and there are a lot of things that Bruce Golding would have wanted to come to fruition, and if he has any disappointment it would be that he wasn’t able to do those. But he is very strong on the fact that they will be implemented despite him not being there,” Vaz said while addressing journalists at a post-Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday at Jamaica House.

Golding has made it clear, explains Vaz, that he is available for advice and assistance to his successor Andrew Holness and the new cabinet. “He (PM Golding) is very amenable to continue to help both the party and the government in any capacity that we may see him playing a role,” said Vaz.

COUNTDOWN: Holness to be sworn in as PM next Sunday

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