Wednesday, 9 November 2011

TALLAWAH MOMENT: Jeff Anderson-Gunter and Sidney Poitier talk longevity and artistic fervour

Who: Oscar winner Sidney Poitier (left) and acclaimed Jamerican stage and screen star Jeff Anderson-Gunter

Where: California African-American Museum, Los Angeles

The Heart of Things: "I call the series of pics 'The Conversation.' This photographer caught myself and Sidney Poitier in conversation about the direction of the business today for African American artists, much less "us" as Caribbean nationals, in the mainstream of the Hollywood entertainment machine and where it's headed. We were both optimistic and felt that a lot of the passion is lost, and that the x-generation needs to be re-educated on what that "passion" means and its relevance to "longevity" in this business without compromising for mediocrity. [Poitier] is great, happy, healthy, and still working a lot. We were at the California African American Museum, where he presented an award to veteran director Michael Schultz for his body of work in film." - Jeff Anderson-Gunter

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