Tuesday, 1 November 2011

UPDATE: A Gift for Mom meets prerequisites for awards season consideration

THE GOOD SON: A Gift for Mom's Fontain Jones and Ruth HoShing.

At least six shows within a four-week period.

That’s the minimum requirement local theatre productions must meet so as to quality for Actor Boy nomination, according to new information from the awards committee in response to a recent TALLAWAH article. Personally, I was always under the impression that shows must run for at least two complete weekends in order to make the cut, but apparently that's no longer - or never was - how things go. (How marvelous it is to be properly informed!)

Great news then for the terrific domestic drama A Gift for Mom (which ran from Oct. 5 to 9), as it possesses the necessary credentials.

FYI: The requirements for eligibility for the Actor Boy Awards:
(a) Commercial productions are defined as promoted by a production company, group, or individual but not including productions promoted by and for community expression, schools, with exception of groups or companies recognised as theatre practitioners.
(b) Commercial productions targeting a general public audience are judged. Secondary schools’ festival, UWI Tallawah series and parish drama festival productions are not included.
(c) Productions subject to other competition rules are not eligible. (i.e. Secondary Schools’ festival)
(d) Variety shows such as fundraisers, outside of the context of a revue, are not eligible
(e) Commercial productions by The UWI Drama Society, Jamaica School of Drama etc. are included. In the case of Jamaica School of Drama, students are not eligible. (This is requested by the administration as student nominees often subsequently suffer from arrested development). Outside practitioners, staff and the overall production can be judged.
(f) Commercial productions around the island are eligible.
(g) Productions MUST HAVE A MINIMUM RUN OF 6 PERFORMANCES WITHIN A 4-WEEK PERIOD in order to be eligible for award consideration.

Criteria for assessing different categories of theatre may vary according to specific genre:
(i) A performer having only appeared the following year in a previously judged production may be judged based on it being a new performance. The production and elements such as set, music etc unless substantially changed shall not be again eligible.
(ii) A production remounted by the same production house or by principals of said, the following year as previously judged shall not be eligible.
(iii) New productions of previously mounted shows are eligible for ALL awards EXCEPT ‘New Jamaican Play.’

NB: The Thespian Spirit Awards (the Thespies), awarded annually by TALLAWAH, adopt a similar framework of guidelines.

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