Tuesday, 27 December 2011

DVD SPOTLIGHT: Marcy May is a finely wrought indie jewel

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Director: T. Sean Durkin

Quiet and unsettling, Marcy May is the kind of psychological drama that worms its way under your skin and haunts you for days like a ghostly presence.

Boasting a mesmeric central performance from Elizabeth Olsen (in her screen debut), it tells the story of a damaged young woman who flees a cult of strange miscreants (their leader played with creepy charisma by John Hawkes) and finds solace at the summer lake-front home of her sister and brother-in-law (Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy).

Revelatory flashbacks illuminate the young woman’s sometimes horrifying experiences, but the blurred line between dream and memory evokes an enigma that surrounds the whole thing and persists till the very end.

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