Wednesday, 21 December 2011

FANTASY RIDE: Tami lets loose and plays up her sexy side

SHOW AND TELL: The singer mixes the naughty and nice.

Wayne Marshall breaks out the AutoTune, Ce’Cile channels Madonna, and Sean Paul chops it up with a bevy of gyrating beauties. Then there’s a foxy Raine Seville, a dapper Trevor Offkey (bka Bambino), and Leftside, Laden, Fambo, Voicemail and Nicky B all appearing and sounding like their regular selves.

But, undoubtedly, the biggest surprise of the fresh-out-the-wrapper Material Riddim medley video is Tami Chynn, whom, it would appear, is experiencing a sexual liberation on a grand scale. Enticingly raunchy and dripping with sexiness, Miss Chynn is at once depicted as a good girl gone badass,
performing her newest hit, “Ride.” It’s the real highlight of the 10-minute music video – and a visual treat.

What’s more, it’s the sexiest and most provocative we’ve ever seen Tami onscreen – and it’s about time. Showing some skin and touching her limbs seductively, while reeling off lyrics that might make even her husband blush (“I have the merchandise to satisfy them appetite”), the singer makes it her business to explain to us why the boys can’t get enough of her and why some girls (the jealous kind) can’t stand her.

It’s a far cry from the demure, can’t-mash-ants, dimpled girl that crooned her way into our hearts with “Over and Over” and “Frozen.” This is a woman in complete control who is fully embracing, among other things, her sexual identity, even as she keeps the men “begging for more.” We love this new Tami. She chooses to entice us, and we are following her like bees to honey.

Take a look at the new vid:

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