Tuesday, 27 December 2011

ON THE GREEN: Teeing off with Dr. Bolt

ON PAR: The gentleman's game of golf figured into Usain Bolt's series of holiday activities, as the World's Fastest Man and friends on Monday took to the green at the White Witch Golf Course in Rose Hall, St. James, to play a couple rounds while soaking up the bucolic vibe and catching the afternoon breeze. Check out the highlights.

DYNAMIC DUO: Longtime friend Nugent also hit the course.

FAMILY MATTERS: With the parentals, Jennifer and Wellesley, in Sherwood Content. "It's always a joy chilling with my parents," Bolt later tweeted. "Holidays well spent."

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  1. You go Usain!!! We are all proud of you!! You deserve all that all the respect and love that you are getting!!!