Friday, 2 December 2011

SECOND ACT: Cherine riffs on maintaining her focus and plans for her next chapter

ALL OF ME: The singer gives a candid cover interview.

“Everything is unfolding in a really beautiful way,” December cover girl Cherine tells TALLAWAH in reference to the amazing evolution of her art and her life as a Jamaican woman. Things are about to get even more interesting for the singer, who, like a true dancehall-soul diva, is setting her sights on conquering uncharted territory without sacrificing an iota of the quality that has come to define her. Part II of our exclusive interview with the star.

TALLAWAH: What did you learn most about yourself in 2011?
Cherine: That I’m better at balancing many things at one time. But what I’m really happy about is that I have a great team. I hardly hear no when an idea makes sense. Nothing can run smoothly without a good team.

TALLAWAH: Besides the forthcoming new album, is there anything you particularly hope to tackle in a major way next year?
Cherine: I want to dig much deeper into songwriting. I have always predominantly written the songs, but I’m finding that there’s still a lot more to explore. So that’s what I plan to do in my writing and not just writing for Cherine but for other artistes as well.

TALLAWAH: In the pursuit of greater success, how do you navigate the bumps and steer clear of the pitfalls?
Cherine: Sometimes falling in the pit is not something you can avoid. But my thing is, don’t fall in the pit and stay in the pit. You have to grow from that, even though some lessons take longer than others. When I just started out, for a long time I didn’t know how to designate; I’d just do it myself. But I’ve grown to learn that when you spread yourself too thin, you waste time taking on unnecessary things instead of doing what you’re good at.

TALLAWAH: Why is the best of Cherine yet to come?
Cherine: For me, the best is always yet to come because I don’t think I’ve written the best song I can write or given the best performance I can give. Every day when I get up and practise, [the music] sounds better. I’m now tapping into what makes me most human. Nowadays I sing a lot about being a rebel, but it’s not just about being rebellious but understanding why I feel this way.

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