Tuesday, 27 December 2011

WAKING THE DEAD: "Grandpa" Merciless, please let it go

FUNERAL RITES: Kiprich and Merciless onstage at Sting 2011.

“Mi love war till it ah mad me.” A heated Kiprich was in a military frame of mind at Monday’s Sting (dubbed “Rumours of War”), which characteristically drew a mammoth crowd to Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine.

With red-hot fire in his veins, the young deejay was prepared to the tee and itching to slay his proposed “clash” rival, the cane-assisted Merciless. What a catastrophe. The lopsided combat was over before it even began, as the video footage below clearly attests.

Hinged primarily on homophobic slurs, slanderous tribute to the memory of Peter King, and gangster posturing, the twosome engaged in a lyrical tussle, occasionally hilarious, other times just painful to watch. In truth, it was a one-sided affair: Kiprich captivatingly aggressive, Merciless struggling to keep up with the kid’s energy. By the time the plush-white casket was rolled out to centrestage, Merciless had been completely eviscerated. It was a sound beating. Not to say that people were expecting a different outcome, but Merciless failed to put up even a decent fight.

This only goes to show that Merciless needs to give it a rest. What exactly is he trying to prove at his age? Let it go. At close to 50 years old, the once-happening deejay is simply no match for his more youthful contemporaries who are running the dancehall today, least of all Kiprich, who is a smart lyricist and seems to take his clashing very seriously. His preparation is total.

The brutal, unforgiving environment of a Jamworld on Boxing Day is certainly no place to show up and flop, miserably too, in front of a throng of bottle-happy, blood-thirsty patrons. But perhaps Merciless agreed to the clash primarily for the financial payoff. Even so, such actions run the risk of suicide of the most gruesome kind. The modern dancehall is fresh out of mercy for the likes of Merciless.

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  1. Realky sad indeed!!!! These guys have no respect for themselves or society!! All of this for a few dollars!! You are both a total hot mess!!!!!