Sunday, 29 January 2012

2012 THESPIAN SPIRIT AWARDS: And the nominees are...


Outstanding Actress:
Trudy BellAdopted Child
Camille DavisCharlie’s Angels
Dahlia HarrisGod’s Way
Ruth HoShingA Gift For Mom
Nadean RawlinsNot About Eve
Deon SilveraBack A Yaad

Outstanding Actor:
Glen CampbellCharlie’s Angels
Omaro MazlynMasqueraders
Alwyn ScottA Gift For Mom

Outstanding Supporting Actress:
Sakina DeerLast Call
Teisha DuncanCharlie’s Angels
Faith GordonHairpeace
Abigail GrantDouble Dose
Carol LawesNot About Eve
Rosie MurrayIf Walls Could Talk

Outstanding Supporting Actor:
Chris DaleyThe Politicians
George HowardWhere Is My Father
Volier JohnsonBreadfruit Kingdom
Jean-Paul MenouActs of the Apostles
Ainsley WhyteGod’s Way
Courtney WilsonBreadfruit Kingdom

Outstanding Director:
Brian HeapNot About Eve
Michael Daley & Keiran KingLast Call
Pierre LemaireThe Button-Hole Bandit
Trevor Nairne & Patrick BrownCharlie’s Angels
Douglas ProutWhere Is My Father
Greg ThamesActs of the Apostles

Outstanding Script:
Patrick BrownCharlie’s Angels
Basil Dawkins Where Is My Father
Clive Duncan Bittersweet Love
Dahlia HarrisBack A Yaad
Keiran KingLast Call
David Tulloch If Walls Could Talk

Breakthrough Performance:
Trudy BellAdopted Child
Akeem MignottBack A Yaad
Allison McLeanWhere Is My Father
Julene RobinsonHairpeace
Fontain JonesA Gift For Mom
Lisa WilliamsNot About Eve

Outstanding Acting Ensemble:
A Gift For Mom
Back A Yaad
Charlie’s Angels
Last Call
Not About Eve
Where Is My Father

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