Tuesday, 17 January 2012

GIRL OF THE MOMENT: Raine Seville riffs on her eclectic style, making music, and embracing motherhood

THE ARTIST: Raine Seville inside the Pegasus gallery.

On a warm Tuesday afternoon inside the restaurant at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston, Raine Seville is the main attraction, beaming in a breezy minidress that sets off her luminous skin tone. But it’s her rocker-chick blonde hairdo that keeps turning heads. So naturally the conversation comes around to her diverse approach to all things style.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Raine, 25, is not only earning props for her edgy blend of dancehall, pop-R&B grooves and sultry soul, she’s also fast becoming known for pushing the creative limits in the fashion department. “My mood inspires my style,” she tells TALLAWAH. “So sometimes I’m feeling for something goth-rock and other days I’m a tomboy, so you’ll see me in my jeans and uppers.”

Rihanna, unsurprisingly, is among her many influences, and like the Bajan superstar, Raine Seville knows how to capture attention. “As an artiste you can’t be predictable,” she observes. “You have to keep people guessing.” The girl practices what she preaches. Only a few nights ago, Raine was spotted in the mix at Sean Paul’s low-key birthday celebration at Fiction sporting a sexy, neon-bright pixie cut. Today the hair is decidedly blonde. What’s up next, I inquire. “Pink or blue, in the next two weeks,” she replies with a laugh. Unpredictable indeed.

In person, Raine (née Lorraine) Seville buzzes with a soulful, grounded energy, and her speech is peppered with a remarkable intelligence that says something about her upbringing and education at Wolmer’s Girls. Hailing from a musical family (her dad, for one, played guitar), Raine says a professional career in music was always in the cards for her. And almost four years have elapsed since she got her first taste of the biz, popping up most recently on Sean Paul’s star-packed Material Riddim Medley with the flirtatious gem “Rollercoaster.”

“So far I’ve been very fortunate. Very blessed,” says Raine, who holds a degree in Marketing and International Business from UTech. “But I still have a long way to go. I still don’t have that major hit yet that people know me for. But I’m definitely working on that. I want to be a household name.”

Up next is promotion for her brand new collabo with Mavado called “Cheating Games,” an emotional breakup tune. It has already racked up over 12,000 hits on YouTube in only a couple days. Raine also continues to push her brand that encompasses her unique sound. “My first love is R&B, but I’m a dancehall artiste, so I chose to fuse both,” she explains. “So the result is a sound that I call R&D (rhythm and dancehall). I’ve been told that that’s what makes me different.” And, in our book, a stylish standout.

> Raine on being a mother (to one-year-old Laila): “It’s life-changing. It [has] brought about maturity. She’s the motivation behind everything I do. You become more focused.”

> On relationships: “Love is beautiful, but it’s also complicated. If you’re not strong, you won’t survive. Communication is key.”

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