Sunday, 8 January 2012

ON THE SCENE: Dr. Carolyn Cooper + Alaine + Cindy Breakespeare + David Annakie + Grace Silvera + Jaunel McKenzie + Damian Marley

MODEL CITIZENS: It was great to see the crazy-in-love pair of runway star Jaunel McKenzie and beau David Annakie (Jamrock magazine) out supporting the Shaggy & Friends concert at Jamaica House on Saturday.

RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Beauty legend Cindy Breakespeare and son Damian Marley (left) were spotted enjoying the star-studded concert with relatives.

TWO OF A KIND: An impromptu photo-op with cultural stalwart Dr. Carolyn Cooper was too good for moi to pass up.

PRETTY WOMEN: LIME's Grace Silvera (left) and songbird Alaine obviously had a lot to catch up on.

SUPPORTING ROLES: In the press room with entertainment vet Deniece Williams and actor Maurice Bryan.

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