Monday, 2 January 2012

TASTY DELIGHT: Sweetest Thing profits from Montague’s buoyant entrepreneurial spirit

HOW SWEET: A sampling of Montague's enticing treats.

If there’s one thing Sue-Ann Montague has mastered it’s the art of parlaying skills and knowledge attained in one area to another. Take for instance her journey to finally establishing her very own brand as a caterer. “I’m a professionally-trained chef so that is where my heart is. I worked in the hospitality industry for a while, but I wanted to get out of that. I’ve always wanted to start my own catering business.”

By all accounts, the charming go-getter didn’t have to wait long, as she is now the proud proprietor of the appropriately named Sweetest Thing Cupcake and Bakery Shoppe, a dessert lover’s haven based in Kingston, which got off the ground in 2006 and is now poised to ascend to new heights. “I recognized that the cupcake industry in the States has blossomed and would do really well down here,” Montague tells TALLAWAH. “There is so much you can do in that area. You can be really versatile.”

Smartly, Montague casts her net wide, offering prices and products “for everyone” while taking jobs that run the gamut from parties and swanky affairs to children’s book readings. “I try to keep things fresh. We use fresh products and nothing artificial, and we try to keep the packaging very different, very elegant. It’s a very small team, but most of the work is done by me,” notes the 33-year-old, who mainly works out of her home kitchen, cooking up a wide a assortment of tasty treats.

Not surprisingly, Montague has major plans for 2012. “This year is about branching out and taking the company to another level. I want to get the word out more,” she says, sounding tremendously optimistic. “I’m also trying to get my products into a few places and get a store opened.” Contact:

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