Monday, 13 February 2012

CINDY BREAKSPEARE: “I’ve been lucky and I’ve been blessed”

FAMILY CIRCLE: Breakspeare, with LIME's Chris Dehring and Marley.

With her refined air and natural beauty, ageless Jamaican goddess Cindy Breakspeare is ever a study in elegance. Case in point: her recent appearance at the Bob Marley Museum (in a light black-and-white number set off by an eye-popping red shoulder piece, a freshly-made face, and a bold pout) on the occasion of her beloved son, Damian, joining the LIME family as their newest brand ambassador. TALLAWAH dished briefly with the 57-year-old bombshell, who also wears the hats, lest one forgets, of occasional jazz musician and Miss World 1976.

TALLAWAH: When you assess Damian’s career trajectory to this point, what are you most proud of as a mother?
Breakspeare: The way he conducts himself on stage and his lyrics. I know that whenever Damian is on stage I will never have to hang my head in shame. Never, ever, ever.

Do you have a favourite song of his?
I love so many. I love “Patience” on the last album. I love that song. And I also love “There For You.”

Share your thoughts on Jamaica observing a Golden Jubilee this year.
Oh, I think it’s great. I really hope that the celebrations come together beautifully and that we can all look to moving forward to the next 50 years with some significant growth. When you really think of the history of the world, 50 years is not a long time. It’s a long time for us, but we have a lot of work to do still.

A more personal question now: how do you maintain such amazing physical beauty and age so beautifully?
Oh, I have no secrets. I work hard, and I use soap and water on my face. That’s it. (Laughs).

All natural.
Well, I’ve been lucky and I’ve been blessed, and I thank God for that everyday.

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
You’re welcome.

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