Sunday, 19 February 2012

DANIELLE CROSSKILL: ‘I love my busy life’

BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE: Crosskill on children and charity. (Photographed by Warren Buckle).

Never mind that in addition to her hectic appearance schedule as the reigning Miss Jamaica World, she is an artist, a teacher and a businesswoman. Danielle Crosskill delights in having a full plate. “It’s so much better to be busy because you structure your life to accommodate everything,” the 26-year-old beauty explains in the new issue of Your Style. “It all comes down to good time management.”

Crosskill, who won the coveted Miss Jamaica crown last September, is particularly passionate about charity work, and to that end the remainder of her will be replete with involvement in charitable endeavours, starting with this week’s Sigma Corporate Run in New Kingston. The Sigma Run is for a great cause. I am happy that the Bustamante Hospital gets great support every year. I am always in for helping organizations with children’s causes.”

Among Crosskill’s main 2012 initiatives is a pageant project set for March that will benefit the Glenhope Nursery in Kingston. “I have a longstanding relationship with the home and have gotten to know the kids very well. Now that I have this platform I want to give back,” Crosskill says. “There is great need at Glenhope, and I know that I cannot tackle everything at once, but the home needs a new roof, and I want that to be what we work towards for this fundraiser.”

As she tells it, it’s immensely fulfilling to be in a position to make a difference, in spite of the challenges. “I love the [challenges],” she says, “because [Miss Jamaica World] has given me a platform to execute a lot of the things I am passionate about.”

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